Greases & Gels

Our greases extend from conventional mineral oil based lithium, calcium and barium greases through to synthetic oil based greases including polyurea, silicone and fluorinated greases for use in extreme environments.

We also produce a full range of greases with additives including EP (extreme pressure), anti-wear, anti-corrosion, anti-oxidant, non-melting thickeners.

Food greases (NSF H1, NSF 3H) are also an important part of our offering. We specialise in supplying non-toxic food approved greases for use wherever there is risk of incidental and direct contact with food products, drinks, pharmaceuticals and food packaging.

We supply an extensive portfolio of environmentally friendly biodegradable greases.

High temperatures will degrade some lubricants very rapidly however using the latest synthetic technology enables us to increase the durability of the grease, machinery and components massively, even at the highest temperatures.

Low temperatures are another consideration when selecting a grease. Many lubricants will simply solidify at very low temperatures. However we can provide greases based upon special synthetic oils which will perform down to -90°C.

We also supply gels and pastes for specific lubrication applications including assembly aids, thread compounds and electrical components.

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