Assembly Lubricants

This range of products has been developed to aid the assembly or fitting of components made of rubber, plastic or other difficult to assemble materials. They are manufactured from fully synthetic products, available as fluids, gels and even dry film coatings with variable concentrations according to the needs of the application.

The products have been designed with the following properties:

•    Ease of application
•    Compatibility with all plastics, rubbers and paints
•    Reduction in the co-efficient of friction, aids smooth, stick-slip free movement
•    Temporary, semi-permanent or permanent effect, depending upon application requirement

Many of these formulations are available with a UV tracer to provide a means of ensuring the material presence after application.

They meet the requirements of manufacturers, easing assembly of components and thus gaining productivity and reducing fitting efforts without migration.

They can be applied by spraying, dipping, soaking, or wiped on with a felt applicator. Generally the materials are applied in small doses depending on the geometry of the parts and the desired effect.

Category: Greases & Gels
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