Threaded Fasteners

IKV manufacture a full range of lubricants for threaded fastener applications include galvanized screws and nuts, lock nuts and pinch nuts, chipboard screws, swivel nuts, façade & lining screws, vets, nails, heavy load dowels, screws & nuts made of stainless steel, aluminium and plastic.

They offer the engineer:-

•    Low coefficient of friction

•    Abrasion resistance

•    Good water resistance

•    Silicone free

•    Easy application

•    Good adhesion on all kinds of materials

•    Good storage stability of the coated parts – permits a time separation between lubrication and assembly

•    Application is also possible on wood

•    Also offers a level of protection from corrosion

•    Environmentally friendly

•    May be over painted

threaded fastener lubricants reduce torque 335pixels