Trailer Curtain and Restraint System Lubricant

Our IKV TRIBOFOOD X-TREME TF is a lubricant for runners in curtain sided trailers for use on curtain runners and load restraint systems. It is a special lubricating dispersion of PTFE, added to a blend of synthetic base oils and a carrier fluid to aid penetration.

It offers exceptional performance in specialised areas such as curtain sided truck runners, roller door guides to make side curtains slide freely, air bridge curtain tracking. It eliminates friction and dries tack-free so dust and dirt do not accumulate.

Following the introduction of VOSA (Vehicle Operator & Services Agency) and HSE (Health & Safety Executive) guidelines in 2012 addressing their concerns  that a significant number of vehicles containing loads were not sufficiently restrained, VOSA drafted a matrix distinguishing between various types of loads and has three categories of severity for assessing load securing.

The securing of loads is assessed against a matrix and may result in prohibition action where a high risk failure to secure adequately is identified. These regulations indicate that loads must be secured if necessary by physical restraint other than their own weight in order to protect drivers, other road users and to prevent damage to loads.

As a result various restraint systems are now available and these new restraining and containment systems require lubrication for effective operation. 

Category: Oils & Fluids
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