Solvents & Degreasers

We manufacture solvents and degreasers for all industrial cleaning needs. Our SUPERSOLV 550 solvent based cleaner can be used as a general purpose cleaning agent for the removal of oil, grease and other contaminents from metal surfaces. We also have water based cleaners and degreasers such as our SUPERSOLV 450 W. These SUPERSOLV products are used to clean mould tools and other surfaces which require thorough degreasing. IKV also manufacture a range of fluorinated fluids exempt from O.D.P. (Ozone Depletion Potential) which can be used as a solvent or carrier fluid for fluorinated lubricants, oils and greases.

Their properties are similar to those of other fluorocarbon solvents which are no longer in use due to their environmental impact. These non flammable, chemically stable and non explosive solvents have a relatively fast evaporation rate and leave surfaces perfectly dry following evaporation.

These products include IKV-SOLV XF and should be used for the cleaning of parts previously lubricated with fluorinated oils and greases to remove their presence.

We also manufacture effective biodegradable solvents including IKV BIOSOLV 9150. It is is an alternative to petroleum solvents (xylene, white spirits, etc.) in all degreasing applications; manual, cloth, brush, spray, and washers.

We have food grade NSF K1 and NSF K2 registered cleaners for use within the food industry. 

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