Dry Film Coatings

Essentially a bonded dry film lubricant is simply a dry lubricant dispersed in a binder and/or attached to a surface by an adhesive material, this is carried for application purposes in a solvent or carrier fluid which evapourates after application.

Bonded dry film lubricants can be thought of as high performance, paint-like coatings consisting of fine particles of dry lubricants blended with a binder and special additives. After application and curing, these lubricants bond to the substrate and form a solid film. The film reduces friction and increases wear life.

Dry film lubricants contain special materials that reduce friction and wear by preventing surface-to-surface contact between mating parts. Their performances vary depending on the specific lubricant used. Some offer excellent lubrication and corrosion protection, while others operate at high temperatures or under high loads.

For application, spraying, dipping, or tumbling of the components in the material is used. Some can also be thermally cured to enhance the bonding of the coating. The type of substrate material, surface chemistry, texture, form, and mechanical properties of the base material also affects the performance of the film.


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