Lubricant Aerosols & Sprays

IKV Lubricants aerosol sprays offer a convenient and neat package of the 'product' and 'means of application' in a simple to use, efficient package.

Lubricants such as oils and greases are combined with a solvent/carrier solution and a propellant in a formula that allows the material to atomise and be applied in a thin layer. Once applied the carrier will evaporate allowing the grease or oil to be left behind to lubricate the components.

Dry film lubricant coatings formulated into aerosols are essentially a 'lubricating paint' and are applied in a similar way, producing a change in it's frictional properties and lubricity.

Solid lubricants such as PTFE, graphite, Molybdenum di-sulphide (Moly), boron nitride (ceramic), and other materials are used depending on the application requirements, frictional properties, loads and speeds of operation.

Alternatively these lubricants can be applied using pump spray containers, trigger sprays and atomisers or by air powered spray guns and dispensers to accurately 'dose' the materials where required.

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