High Tech Industry Pastes & Gels

IKV Group manufacture a range of pastes based upon either a high performance silicone oil incorporating an inorganic thickener to form a translucent gel or a PFPE oil thickened with PTFE to form a white chemically inert paste. These products possess an excellent resistance to extreme temperatures, water and most chemicals and solvents commonly found in industry.

They also have excellent dielectric properties for use as an electrical insulating compound, sealant or lubricant and are ideal for the lubrication of seals or plastic parts within water valves and fittings or as a sealing compound for glass apparatus or other applications within the food industry.

They are widely used as a dielectric paste for use in electrical connectors, terminals and many other applications where a moisture proof seal and lubrication are required.

They are generally compatible with most plastics, metals, elastomers and seals generally used with the exception of silicone based pastes and silicone rubber. PFPE pastes are compatible with Silicone rubber and all commonly used elastomers and plastics. These products can be easily applied either manually or automatically to perfectly degreased surfaces.

Category: Anti-seize and Pastes
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