Silicone Oils

At IKV, we supply a range of silicone fluids of various viscosities, types and grades. Silicone oils are based on a Si-O-Si-O link where the free valances are saturated by methyl (CH3 ) or phenyl (C6H5) groups. Phenylmethylpolysiloxane oils are preferred for bearings because of their higher lubricating power on steels.

Although the increase of phenyl groups in lubricant reduces the viscosity index and oil flow point, these oils are particularly interesting at extreme temperatures where water or high vacuums are a factor.

Our range include polysiloxane and phenylmethyl silicone oils.

Silicone has excellent thermal and chemical resistance and offers good compatibility with the majority of materials including elastomers and plastics (with the exception of silicone rubbers).

These multifunction silicone fluids are used as lubricants, heat transfer fluids, dielectric oils and mould release agents.


Category: Oils & Fluids
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