PAO Oils

PAO = Polyalphaolefin, Polymerized alpha olefin, Olefin Polymers, Olefin Oligomers (a synthetic hydrocarbon)

PAO are gaining rapid acceptance as high-performance lubricants and functional fluids because they exhibit certain inherent and highly desirable characteristics.  These favorable properties include:  


  • A wide operational temperature range
  • Good viscometrics (high viscosity index)
  • Thermal Stability
  • Oxidative Stability
  • Shear stability
  • Low corrosivity
  • Compatibility with mineral oils
  • Compatibility with various materials of construction
  • Low toxicity
PAO are used extensively as automotive lubricants (engine, gear, transmission, grease, hydraulic). PAO are also super premium oils for automotive applications operating in temperature extremes.  PAO are a synthetic hydrocarbon that is compatible with mineral oils. In industrial applications, they may be combined with organic esters to be used in high temperature gear and bearing oils, as well as gas turbines.  They are also used as a base fluid in some wide temperature range greases.  


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