Chain Oils

IKV Lubricants have a full range of high quality chain oils developed specifically for applications where a viscous structure and adhesive nature is required to prevent dripping or 'spin off' of the oil due to high speed movement or where anti-wash off and corrosion protection in wet or humid conditions is required.

These tenacious and durable long life chain lubricants are available in a wide range of viscosities including 68 cSt, 150 cSt, 320 cSt, 460 cSt to 4200 cSt and pack sizes from 5 litre cans up to 205 litre drums. They are also available as aerosol sprays and for selected grades as a pump or trigger spray.

These high performance chain oils have been specially formulated to protect and lubricate chains, cables and drives working in the most arduous conditions across a wide range of industries. They can be used in washer plants, cleaning baths and other applications where a durable and adhesive structure lubricant are required to prevent wash off and to form a barrier against water, detergents, chemicals and to prevent corrosion.

Some grades can also be used as a slideway oil for machinery working in wet conditions.

Category: Oils & Fluids
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