Textile Industry

IKV offer a range of clean, non-staining lubricant for modern textile machinery used for various operations such as spinning, winding and weaving, knitting.

Based on a synthetic oils and other chemical additives it leaves a thin, non-staining and non-sticky film of lubricant on all types of scissors & cutters of splicers / knotters which protects exposed surface from rust & corrosion and reduces the wear & tear of moving parts.

Contact IKV for clean lubricants for:-

Spinning Machines

Rotary Plane

Roller Bearings

Bottom Rollers

Spinning Turbines

Spinning Rings

Synthetic Fibre Spinning Machines

Spinning Pumps



Separator Rollers

Hot Drawings

Spin & Pirn Winding Machines

Thread guides & slides & zig-zag winder guide

Splicer and tensioning device

Auto pirn winding machine

Spindle cans bearings

Lid seals of high temperature dyeing autoclaves

Worm gear (overhead travelling cleaners)

Warp Knitting Machines

Needles and sinkers in circular knitting machine

Needles and sinkers in flatbed knitting machine

Needles and sinkers in in sock & hosiery production

Thread guide box slider rails on flatbed knitting machines


Steel wire needles

Rapier ribbons on gripper looms



Roller bearings in washing machines, dyeing and festoon steamers

Corrosion protection inside steamers

Fabric conveyor chains

Electric motor roller bearings in dryers.


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