Mining, Cement & Brick

Equipment in the brick and cement industries is often exposed to extreme working conditions. Environmental factors include dust, humidity and often high or variable temperatures. Also most cement and brick production equipment is facing extreme loads.

Equipment failure and subsequent down time represent significant loss of revenue and are a major factor in production costs as alterative systems are not usually available.

Therefore selecting of the correct lubricant is very important.

At IKV Lubricants our engineers and technicians have years of experience within these heavy industries and have consulted with engineers on –site and at equipment manufacturers to develop a full range of lubricants for this environment.

IKV Lubricants manufacture high performance products which can offer extended equipment life, lower maintenance costs, less down time and increased efficiency.

IKV manufacture a full range of products for kiln bearings, open gears and drives, ball & rod mills, rolling mills and continuous casting.

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