Marine Lubricants

We supply lubricants, greases, oils & dry film coatings for use in marine applications. With regard to oxygen service applications, we recommend ZAROX and FLUOR Lubricants. They are based upon perfluorinated technology, they do not contain hydrogen and cannot support combustion.

This wide line of products provides excellent lubrication at both low and high temperature extremes, resulting in increased durability. They can be safely used with confidence in high pressure air, nitrous oxide & pure gaseous and liquid oxygen (LOX) systems with no fear of combustion.

They are also completely compatible with all synthetic and natural rubbers, o rings, metals and plastics.
We also manufacture products for a wide range of marine related applications including:

  • Chemical cargo
  • Sprinkler systems
  • Brine - sea water resistant applications
  • Cooling lines
  • Fuel lines
  • Water purification
  • Compressed air
  • Wire rope lubrication

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