Oxygen Greases & Pastes

Oxygen reacts with conventional lubricants including mineral & other synthetic oils & greases and this greatly increases the potential for explosion or fire.

IKV has a full range of fluorinated lubricants including fluids, greases and dispersions which can be used to lubricate the components such as O rings, fittings, valves and regulators in oxygen service and high pressure air systems. 
ZAROX and FLUOR Lubricants are based upon purfluorinated technology, they do not contain hydrogen and cannot support combustion.

This wide line of products provides excellent lubrication at both low and high temperature extremes, resulting in increased durability. They can be safely used with confidence in high pressure air, Nitrous oxide & pure gaseous and liquid oxygen (LOX) systems with no fear of combustion.

They are also completely compatible with all synthetic and natural rubbers, o rings, metals and plastics.

Using an incompatible lubricant with some rubbers and plastics can cause massive swelling, material deterioration & deformation, stress cracking and failure of the component.

Fluorinated lubricant technology has become the industry standard for Aerospace, Medical, Safety breathing equipment and SCUBA diving applications, they offer:

· Very low friction & extremely durable

· Oxygen safe, does not support combustion

· Compatible rubbers, plastics & metals

· Non Toxic & biologically inert

· Very wide operating temperature range

· Hydrophobic—repels water

· Resistant to solvent cleaners

· Oxygen safe, can be used with gaseous and liquid oxygen

· Contain only PFPE and PTFE

· White non toxic and biologically inert

· Very wide operating temperature range

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