Valves & Fittings

Incorrect lubrication is one of the principal causes of valve failure and can lead to costly downtime and repairs.

IKV Lubricants manufacture a range of advanced fluoropolymer lubricants to improve valve performance, cycle life and reliability.

IKV products offer many potential benefits for industrial valve applications including:

  • extended cycle life
  • compatibility with plastic or rubber
  • elimination of stick-slip or stiction
  • lower torque operation
  • greater valve integrity
  • reduced leakage
  • reduced frequency of maintenance
  • reliable operation at extreme temperatures
  • global availability
IKV Lubricants possess a unique combination of properties that extend valve life and enhance valve performance:
Low Friction

IKV lubricants exhibit an extremely low co-efficient of static friction, eliminate stick-slip, reduce torque requirements for valve operation while helping to maintain a leak-proof seal.
Chemical Compatibility

Our lubricants are chemically inert to almost all industrial chemicals and solvents including oxygen and chlorine, even at elevated temperatures and pressures. Due to their chemically inert nature, IKV lubricants are also safe to use with all plastics and elastomers, they resist washout and able to extend the life cycle of valves in a variety of critical processes and severe operating conditions.
Temperature Range

IKV lubricants operate continuously at service temperatures up to 350 ºC. We also have oils and greases available that operate at temperatures as low as  -90 ºC and some of the IKV dry film lubricants are suitable for use down to cryogenic temperatures. Our lubricants are ideal for frequently cycled valves in critical flow conditions ranging from cryogenic up to high temperature service.
Low Vapour Pressure

IKV have products which eliminate out-gassing and contamination worries in vacuum system valves and is far more durable than conventional lubricants due to reduced evaporation rates

IKV’s ZAROX products have no ignition point and are incapable of supporting combustion.
Environmentally Safe

Many of IKV’s oils and greases are non-toxic and do not release volatile organic compounds into the atmosphere.