Food Safe Lubricants

IKV UK are manufacturers of a full range of food grade lubricants, all having NSF H1 or 3H classification.

Lubricants for use within food processing & manufacturing the products must be totally non-toxic and satisfy the regulations for non-food compounds used in food manufacturing and food packaging plants - see also link to corrugator lubricants.

These strict guidelines mean products are selected based upon their use/classification with either NSF H1 (incidental food contact) or 3H (direct food contact).

Secondly they must perform well as lubricants, often extreme high or low temperatures or aggressive cleaning processes are encountered, all of which can adversely affect the life of the lubricant.

In bakeries for example, the ovens can reach temperatures in excess of 300C. Conveying components and chain bearings operating in these conditions can often require frequent re-lubrication or cleaning to remove unwanted lubricant residue build up.

We can supply everything from hydraulic, gearbox and general lubricating oils to food grade greases for extremes of temperature from –73 C to 300 C+. We also have a range of biodegradable products should this be required.

Using the correct lubricant in any given application can reduce costs, increase productivity and reduce costly failures whilst also reducing the overall environmental impact.


Food Safe Lubricants

Food grade lubricants for packaging machinery that will contain food or beverages must now be produced on machines and equipment that use approved NSF certified lubricants.We can supply everything from hydraulic, gearbox and general lubricating oils to food grade greases for extremes of temperature from 73 to 300C+.

Our TRIBOCHAIN range of synthetic ester bakery chain oils is ideal for bakery chains running at extremes of temperature where minimal lacquering and relubrication coupled with long chain life is the goal. These oils can be either automatically applied or brushed on manually. We also supply a range of food safe products in aerosol form.

Our TRIBOFOOD range of products have been designed specifically to lubricate machines and equipment in the food industry where there may be incidental contact with food and the FOOD GLIDE range is NSF 3H registered for applications where direct food contact lubrication is required for example on meat slicers, cutting blades and chopping boards. Our IKV-FLUOR and ZAROX range of PFPE (fluorinated) oils and greases are ideal in critical applications where an ultimate resistance to extremes of temperature (high and low), water washout & non flammability are required.

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NSF H1 food  approved packaging lubricants