Food Lubricant Applications

Machinery used in the food and pharmaceutical industries requires the use of specialist lubricants. They must be non-toxic and satisfy the NSF regulations for non-food compounds used in food manufacturing plants. Our TRIBOFOOD range is NSF-H1 registered for use in food processing environments and is widely used in bakeries, food processing factories, food preparation and packing areas.

We also have oils and greases that are NSF-3H registered, for use as release or parting agents with potential direct food contact.

Extreme high or low temperatures or aggressive cleaning processes are often encountered in the food industry, all of which can adversely effect the life of the lubricant.

In bakery applications for example, the ovens can reach above 300°C. Conveying components, chains, bearings and other components operating in these conditions require specialist lubricants.

Lubricants used in the manufacture of pharmaceutical products and pharmaceutical packaging must also be food approved.

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