Automotive Interior Trim Coatings

Our extensive product range was specifically developed for the automotive industry and is available in various forms and pack sizes (including 'easy to use' applicators), to allow you to apply in hard-to-reach areas. IKV Lubricants offer anti-friction coatings, fluids and noise damping greases in precision oilers, syringes, sprays, bottles and Dabomatic® applicator bottles.
We have something suitable for every squeak or rattle on any trim component and compatible with all substrate materials. IKV also have anti-friction coatings and lubricants for use as slip coats for seals and weather-strips.
IKV's automotive products allow for ‘lifetime lubrication’ of the part, making re-lubrication unnecessary. Using our products also helps ensure a reduction in component breakdown and costly warranty claims. 
While a focus on NVH (noise, vibration and harshness) has reduced road, wind and other traditional automotive noise interference, irritating interior noises from trim interfaces, fascias, door panels, seats and control components have become more noticeable to car owners. Thus, eliminating trim squeaks and rattles has become a major focus for automotive engineers.
At IKV we offer an economical means of eradicating unwanted noise without the need for expensive component alterations or material changes.
The TRIBOFLON, ZAROX and FLUOR coatings and lubricants are easily applied to component interfaces by wiping, dipping, spraying or injecting onto the component during manufacture or whilst on the production line during assembly.
IKV also offer assembly aids, low friction coatings and gels to make your assembly more efficient, reduce the forces required to assemble components and reduce costs.

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