Graphite Aerosols

Graphite is available in aerosols for use in heavily loaded applications to offer greater load carrying capacity, extreme pressure (EP) & boundary lubrication.

IKV-FILMSEC 1084 SPRAY contains graphite powder in an alcohol base. It air dries very quickly leaving a film of graphite coating which is excellent for lubrication.  It is suitable for use on conveyor belts, chain drives, fork lift masts, sliding mechanisms and as a release agent on extrusion dies, moulds and casting surfaces. Is electrically conductive and has high heat resistance properties.  It is excellent for maintenance applications in extreme high temperature conditions as the greaseless formula will not attract dirt or dust and offers protection as a dry film in temperatures up to +1000°C. This product is also available as a bulk fluid for use in spray guns.

Category: Lubricant Aerosols & Sprays
graphite coatins extreme temperature