Food Grade Aerosols and Sprays

Our new TRIBOFOOD range of NSF registered oils, greases and cleaners available in aerosol spray form offers a complete solution for all types of food processing areas. This TRIBOFOOD range complements our extensive range of food safe greases, oils and lubricants. This includes gear oils, hydraulic oils, white food greases in a range of consistencies, synthetic food greases and our FOODGLIDE 3H OIL and FOODGLIDE 3H GREASE for use in direct food contact applications.  

Some of our TRIBOFLONFLUOR and ZAROX PFPE products are also NSF H1 registered and perform well as lubricants in extreme high or low temperatures or where aggressive cleaning processes are encountered, all of which can adversely affect the life of conventional lubricants. 

We also have an extensive range of high temperature bakery chain lubricants for use in bakery tunnel and spiral ovens.  Our range also includes lubricants for use in freezers, chillers and extreme low temperature applications where food grade products are also required. 

Category: Lubricant Aerosols & Sprays
food grade aerosol spray