Boron Nitride Sprays

Boron nitride ceramics are traditionally used on equipment operating at high-temperatures, as boron nitride remains lubricious and inert even at high temperatures.

Coating made with boron nitride prevents sticking to increase the life of dies and moulds, improve product surface finish and reduce production time. Boron nitride also inhibits corrosion and chemical attack and provides easier release and longer mould life. Boron nitride lubricants are also used by manufacturers of injection moulded plastics and elastomers as they offer improved die release and increased production speed.

In molten metal applications, boron nitride coatings protect surfaces which come into contact with hot and molten metals. Applications include casting, stamping, forging, extrusion and powder metallurgy.

Boron nitride's high temperature lubrication properties make it an ideal product for glass making by reducing surface defects, improving mould life and mould release.

Sintering of metallic and ceramic powders are done on graphite plates and boron nitride lubricants can help to eliminate carbon contamination, reactivity and sticking which occurs at sintering temperatures.

Welding and brazing applications are also addressed with boron nitride lubricants; they protect surfaces from weld spatter and provide superior stop-off protection. They also protect welding nozzles from weld spatter.

Boron nitride lubricants offer the following characteristics:-


  • Electrical insulation
  • Low dielectric constant and loss
  • Very high temperature stability
  • Thermal conduction
  • Lubricious
  • Inert
  • Non-wetting

Category: Lubricant Aerosols & Sprays
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